26 April, 2018


Origin water provides water and sewage treatment solutions to the remote mining camp sector, We specialise in transportable packaged industrial and commercial water and waste water treatment systems.

As we understand the constraints and peak loadings of remote mine camps our systems are designed and manufactured to suit the site, generally these are in the form of modular plants which allow operators to scale back at times of low occupancy.
Water Treatment  
Providing water treatment to suit, bore water, surface water and coal seam gas water Origin Water, Our systems are designed and manufactured to suit the Australian conditions,
For remote mine sites, We generally provide containerised systems complete with split air conditioners and heat treated paint to ensure plant longevity, Our systems are engineered with duty standby pumps to ensure continued operation should a pump overload or failure occur, 
Some of our common plug and solutions we fit in one or more containers depending upon the site is -:
  • Sand Filtration
  • Carbon Filtration
  • Clarifiers manufactured from HDPE
  • Water Softener / ion exchange resin
  • Ultra Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Desalination

Origin Water can also provide water storage tanks, in HDPE up to 45m3 and in fixed panel tanks up to 1000m3, these can be set up in modular configuration to provide adequate storage for the sites requirements, As a turnkey solution Orign Water will also provide  variable speed pumpsets to provide water to the camps.

Waste Water Sewage 
Origin Water’s complete packaged wastewater treatment plants built in Australia,and designed for wastewater produce effluents to meet all environmental discharge requirements. The fully automated plants utilise simple aerobic technologies, MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) and MBR (Membrane Bioreactors), which enable rapid deployment and require minimal operator intervention.

All our plants have double disinfection on the backend which is in the form of  UV Ultra violet treatment and free chlorine residual in final holding tanks prior to discharge,