26 April, 2018

3d CAD Design & Engineering

Origin Water's engineering team has extensive experience and expertise in engineering design and 3D drafting capabilities. Our clients call on our expertise to design or evaluate critical components for reasons such as reducing cost, increasing load capacity and extending life span.

At Origin Water, our teams use state-of-the-art CAD software for computer modelling of all our water treatment systems. This gives our engineers the ability to design routed systems for piping and electrical lines.

Creating accurate computer models of parts makes the design process more efficient by allowing quick design changes to be made. Sharing digital images and prints of pictures also makes it easier to obtain feedback throughout the design process from our valued clients.

Below is another image on some of our containerised sewage plants in a modular application.

Not sure if you need a water treatment, recycle or other water treatment or filtration solution or think your project is too big or small?

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