26 April, 2018

Waste Water

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Wastewater Treatment


Origin Water  designs, engineers and manufactures wastewater treatment systems for commercial, industrial and municipal sewage facilities.  Our experienced wastewater treatment engineers provide expert advice and solutions to:

  • Optimise and troubleshoot treatment plant operations
  • Minimise operating and maintenance costs
  • Minimise energy and water costs for plant operation

We provide tailored and off the standard wastewater treatment solutions to meet your specific requirements in the following areas:

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary treatment by physical, chemical and biological processes
  • Screening, flotation, cyclone phase separations, chemical flocculation, precipitation and adsorption
  • Activated sludge, high rate bio-filter, biological and chemical nutrient (N&P) removal, aerobic and anaerobic processes
  • Sewage treatment plant design and operation trouble shooting


Origin Water offers a complete standard range of aerobic, biological waste water treatment systems to meet the varied needs of industry, commercial facilities, municipalities, and private developments.
Our pre-engineered systems come in factory-built and field-erected configurations, handling capacities from 10m3/day through to 5 Million m3/day. All systems are tailored to meet design requirements for centralized and decentralized, off-grid applications.
 Origin Water specialise in utilising proven membrane technology our Platypus MBR range of plants are combined with the waste water treatment expertise of Origin Water with submerged european membrane technology, This combination provides a dynamic membrane biological reactor (MBR) : a system that provides end users with high quality treatment performance with minimal operational requirments and a robust design that stands the test of time.
Origin Waters systems come in standard and custom designs and result in smaller footprints than conventional systems. The submerged membrane eliminates the need for clarifiers and sand filters.
Integral zones can easily be added to provide class A+ water quality using quality disinfection systems, nutrient removal and sludge holding.
To learn more please contact us to provide you a proposal on a solution for you !!